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Testimonials - Earth Friendly Chemicals, Inc.
Earth Friendly Chemicals, Inc.


Testimonials from Clients & Affiliates


Environmental Services

Michelle McChesney
Purchasing Agent
We are a family owned and operated portable restroom company located in Southern California. We have been using AllGone Graffiti Remover since 2007. This product works wonderfully for us. It removes permanent marker, crayon, paint, pencil and just about anything else you could use to mark up a portable restroom. We have tried many other products in our search for the best graffiti remover. Earth Friendly’s AllGone, not only works the best, it is also the most cost effective. We purchase 55 gallon drums from them and have used approximately 37 drums to date. There are others out there, but we feel AllGone is the best for removing all marking from not only our portable restrooms, but throughout the office as well! Some of our staff have even taken AllGone home and used for many different general purpose cleaning applications such as markings on tabletops, walls and spot treating their carpets and even laundry. This product is one of a kind and definitely makes messes, ALLGONE!I also have purchased their Elite Choice General Purpose Cleaner, and am amazed at the power of its cleaning, even when diluted as recommended. This product has many, many uses; I have applied to floors, walls, countertops and in the bathroom.Earth Friendly continues to provide quality products that are cost effective – with the added benefit of being bio-based and “green” products.
JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems
of Hampton Roads

Ted Belden
In July of this year, your Virginia Beach warehouse contracted my company to strip and refinish the vinyl tile floors in their facility.  To say that the floors were in desperate need of care is an understatement.  Making matters more interesting, we were required to use your products to complete the work.Well, I have to tell you that my technicians were amazed with both your Elite Choice No Odor Floor Stripper and Elite Choice 18% Floor Finish.  They commented on the ease of use and lack of odor from the stripper.  They were equally impressed with the sheen and durability of the floor finish.  To find floor restoration products that are both very effective and environmentally friendly is unusual indeed.We look forward to using your products in future floor restoration work and congratulate you on creating products that actually perform as advertised.
RCI Environment
Karine Trudel
Conseillère en gestion
des matières résiduelles,
division construction
Thanks to you our U-2 Event/Concert was a real success. 600 toilets, 80 000 people per night, 2 nights in a row, apparently the show was amazing. We had NO complaints on odor as far as the portable toilets go! Great company, great products. THANK YOU !!
Ocean Lakes Elementary
PTA, Staff & Families
We would like to thank you sincerely for your donation to our Annual Spring Fundraiser.  Local businesses such as yourself are the reason why we are so successful!

Greening Solutions
Anthony Hall
Managing Director (Barbados)

Just letting you know that I tremendously appreciate the level of professional service you provide.  You are one of my few suppliers who not only endeavor to provide quality service, but also have a wealth of technical and marketing expertise.  Over the years you have shown great flexibility and support which has allowed me to survive the many marketing and financial challenges encountered during these economic times.

Thanks again my friends!

Horizon Disposal Services
David Florek
Operations Manager

The Quick Charge SDC.  We used daily in our portable toilet operation.  Our customers are impressed by what bacteria the SDC kills just by spraying it on.  Truly amazing product!  Looking forward to anything new EFC comes out with in the future.

Blinker Lite Safety
Robert J. Crabbe

“We service approximately 3200 portable toilet units. Recently, [we] used the NaturFresh 200 in [our] worst-case-scenario toilets…after dumping the waste product from [the] truck, our driver could still smell the fragrance of pine.”

Cannon Waste
Derek Towe

“The staff…goes above and beyond my standards to make sure our needs are met. I would recommend their product to anyone…It is nice to know in this unstable market that there are people around you who care about your company and its well-being.”  “The decision to change from a [formaldehyde-based] chemical that I had used for 18 years was perhaps the most difficult one I have made in business. [EFC] not only met my expectations but exceeded them.”
Sanitary Solutions, LLC
Taylor Knight
“…The performance of the products [is] outstanding and really makes a difference, especially the Allgone graffiti remover… Now I can have high quality and be eco-friendly. Thanks Earth Friendly Chemicals.”
The Outback Co., LLC
Sheri S. Blake
“Earth Friendly Chemicals has a wonderful product in the environmentally friendly NaturFresh 200. We have been using the product for over six months now and it has held up very well in heat and cold.”
Meeks Disposal Corp.
Jennifer Fortney
“…I need to express my appreciation for your first-class customer service and your company’s overall professionalism. Your attention to detail and the company’s compassion was refreshing. [We] look forward to a long and prosperous relationship…”
Miller and Company
Dan Danner
“I personally wanted to thank you for … Allgone. I never would have believed what it could do for our company and our toilets. WOW. I can’t say that enough. Thanks for… a great time saver.”
Pierson Comfort Group, LLC
T. Douglas Pierson
“We recently took NaturFresh for the ultimate test drive: a weekend at Dover International Speedway. The product far exceeded our expectations. If NaturFresh could handle “The Monster Mile” then I am confident it can handle my 4,000-unit construction division with ease.”
Alpine Portable Restrooms
Ray Alvarez-Torres
“There are a lot of environmentally conscious customers in our market. We need products that help position us as [a] ‘green’ vendor, but that also really works in the field. Earth Friendly Chemicals fits the bill.”
Bestway of Indiana
Brian Hacker
“We used QuikCharge packets… and [we] were very pleased with their performance! The QuikCharge packets made the winter transition to the saltwater usage a lot easier than in years past. Thank you.”
Alm & Son Septic Service
Karl J. Alm
“…I would highly recommend your company to fellow Portable Toilet Companies. We look forward to doing business with you in the future. Keep up the good work.”